Queenstown Reserves

One of the reasons Queenstown is so popular is, of course, the hugely beautiful scenery we get to witness each and every day. But along with that comes the wonderful opportunity to host your wedding ceremony right out in the open, on the lakefront, at the foot of a mountain. You get the picture! So if you have found yourself a ridiculously scenic spot and spoken to the right people for approval, you can have yourself a wedding ceremony! Our collection is a huge help for DIY venues such as these, as we can provide all the necessary items like chairs, altare decorations, signing table, sound system and cocktail hour furniture/décor if you are staying on a bit to enjoy the sights.

If you would like some assistance planning a lakeside ceremony or would like to find everything in one place, check out Simply Perfect’s all-inclusive Queenstown wedding packages here. You won’t be sorry! 😊

Enjoy looking through some of the photos below and download our venue brochure to see our tailor-made recommendations for styling your ceremony at one of Queenstown Reserves.

With special thanks to our photographer friends that have shared these photos with us: Rich Bayley Photography / Williams Photography.